Cheltenham & Gloucester

Our dog walks are second to none

At Safe n Sound Doggy Day Care, we pride ourselves on love, personal attention to each dog in our care, flexibility and attention to detail. With 17 years experience in this field, we know dogs, we know dog walking in both Cheltenham and Gloucester and how every dog that comes to us has their own unique little ‘tail’ to tell.

We plan our walks around balancing the age and fitness of each group and how certain dogs interact with each pack. All dog walks are off lead if possible, to allow free running and play time for as long as possible. We hunt down beautiful and quiet walks in the countryside, far away from roads, cattle and other dog walkers to keep your loved ones safe and secure and happy. The order of the day is safety, fun, noise, play and mud!!

Our luxurious transport is safe, air conditioned and light and airy with windows. After the dog walk he/she will be towelled down and cleaned off and taken back to Doggy Day Care Gloucester HQ also known as Scamp Camp HQ.

Your dogs will get muddy and have A LOT OF FUN! Why not read our feedback?

We have been running our Doggy Day Care Cheltenham and Gloucester service for such a long time now and still have clients that have been with us 17 years with now either very old dogs, or their first member of our gang has now passed and we have their next generation dog walking with us. Never, do they become a pound sign. Every single dog becomes a very much loved member of the gang and the family.

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Videos are updated daily, ‘live from the hills’.

Cheltenham Dog Walking